The Human Movement was originally born as a blogging website to share knowledge, mental hacks and progressive concepts.

It was developed by Dave Nixon in June 2014 and after a conversation with Stephen Shedletzky he changed the name from ‘Movement and Mindset’ to ‘The Human Movement’.

Stephen Shedltzky passed on some advice he had received from his mentor, Simon Sinek. That advice was to think of it in a positive frame that will stand the test of time.

From here The Human Movement was truly born.

Dave Nixon begun his career in the Fitness industry in 2004 at the bright young age of 15.

On completion of his fitness certifications he went on to manage his first gym at his place of employment at 18 years of age. He then continued on there to manage 3 locations from ages 19-21.

He was introduced to functional training via a Gym Jones video at the age of 18 and has never looked back establishing Functional Fitness Australia (FFA) at the age of 22.

He started FFA in the corner of a Mixed Martial Arts gym with 6 clients, no website and 5 figures of debt.

He then continued to grow his business through clients, coaches and business partners to establishing a 360 square metre location in Canberra, Australia in March 2013. Closely followed by the opening of a second facility in May 2013.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing. Since opening the second facility he has faced many challenges and growing pains both in business and his personal life. From having his income cut in half and becoming practically homeless to losing business partners, Dave learnt the hard way.

Through overcoming challenges and guidance from timely mentors, Dave has built his business back up through honesty, leadership, integrity and discipline.

Functional Fitness Australia still stands strong and is a cornerstone in the industry for long term education and changing the lives of everyone that walks through the doors.

The Human Movement has evolved into a Mentoring and educational brand that helps coaches breakthrough and make the impact that they are trult capable of. The Human Movement does this through constant free social media content, seminars, internships and mentorships.

Dave has worked, interviewed and trained with the likes of:

  • Bobby Maximus and Gym Jones
  • Westside Barbell
  • Jay Maryniak
  • CT Fletcher
  • Chris Duffin
  • Juggernaut Training Systems
  • Nick Shaw and Renaissance Periodisation
  • Elliot Hulse
  • Chris Spealler
  • Tommy Hackenbruck
  • Jujimufu
  • Nate Chambers and Roarks Gym SF
  • Roop Sihota at San Francisco CrossFit
  • California Strength

He is a regular contributor to Men’s Muscle and Health magazine and has previously had a very successful 18 month podcast that was released weekly called Mind over Movement.

Today, Dave Nixon and The Human Movement travels nationally and internationally running seminars, interviewing the best in the industry and working with the Legends in the mentorship program to make long term positive impact that in turn, evolves the industry.

In between travelling and running seminars, you will find Dave at FFA doing what he loves the most; coaching clients and the coaches of FFA in Canberra, Australia.