New Year, Same Me: 5 Changes most people won't make to build an epic 2016

Okay, so it’s the new year new me time by the same people who have been the old them for the last 7 years. So, if you don’t want to get caught up in the game of who can complain about groundhog day the most for the next 365 days and want what most don’t have then maybe it’s time to take some action on some of the things most wont do.

1. Break up with average relationships.

Don’t get caught up in the drama. Half the time those that tell you they don’t want drama are actually the drama. Those who don’t flirt with drama don’t need to tell you. They just don’t. This doesn’t mean that you have to actually delete their number (although sometimes it does help), it simply means that you just stop going out of your way to feed negativity. Stop trying to help people. They have to help themselves. They are likely not ready and by you continually trying to help you are also making yourself not ready for what’s next for you.

Insecurities will attract insecurities in the same way that values will attract values. Know what you want, know what you stand for and watch the trash take itself out. If you truly want to get better then you don’t need people to look up to you, you need people to look out for you.

Each year we look back and realise who has come and who has gone. Don’t control it. Whatever happens will happen. You focus on you.

2. Actually plan

Goal setting is not for idiots or people who just read ‘self-help’ books. You literally have to have a direction with your year and your life. Stop saying ‘I don’t know what I want’ because your brain will literally agree with you and the search for meaning will stop there. it doesn’t respond with ‘Hey! You’re a talented kid, you could do the thing you enjoy most’. Ask better questions and get better responses. What makes me happy? What do I enjoy doing the most? What are my strengths? Those who continually ask what the meaning of life is never get around to giving their life a meaning.

Literally write a list of things that make you happy and focus on doing more of them. This alone will make it a better year than any other.

Plan big. Don’t just set SMART goals. Set big goals that you don’t know how you to achieve. Everything else is simply a task. Remember; never set goals on your current circumstances or knowledge. Once you have done this, put a timeline on it but be sure to be flexible in its approach

One last thing on this point; You can’t plan happiness. Do not leave that up to an event or number. Actually choose to be happy with where you are now. The rest will come from this.

3. Tell the world what you plan on doing after you have already done it

Do more than you say. This one took me a long time to learn and its something I still do today from time to time. I get excited and then next thing I blurt out my plans and then if it doesn’t happen, guess who's the goose? It is important to tell the universe what you want and also to ensure that you have accountability but don’t go blurting out shit you know isn’t a certain. If it’s not a fuck yes or you aren’t passionate about it then its just not a good idea. That goes for business, relationships and personal goals. Look at your time as a commodity. Don’t waste that commodity doing shit that is someone else’s grand idea.

Once you have laid out your goals as stated above, work on them in silence. Share your ideas and be mindful of your language. Don’t say what you want. It gives you the illusion that it is outside of you. Say what you are doing. When you talk you reaffirm your future. The questions we ask unlock answers and the statements we make reaffirm truths. Those truths are up to you.

4. De-clutter your head and your life

Do you really need all of those ‘things’? seriously, recently I sold my TV, bed, couches and kitchenware. Since then I have travelled the States and also started House Sitting full time. I understand not everyone is in a position to do that. So, what can you do to de-clutter?

We spend so much energy trying to add things to our lives to make them easier it really makes you question if its actually making it simple? Or we are just cluttering our life with things we don’t need for businesses to simply exist.

The same goes with your thoughts. The longer you put off a conversation the longer it stays in your head and you cannot move on. Then another one pops up. Then a phone call you have to make. Now you have a project due tomorrow and your best friend wants to catch up for a drink but you have to pay your Netflix bill first.

Seriously, before you add “convenience” to your life, simplify it. Do I really need all of these things? Do they serve me? Do I really need all of these thoughts? Do they serve my future?

5. Play the law of averages

Don’t be afraid of rejection. It doesn’t finish there. Don’t be demotivated by a setback. It is literally getting you read for a set up. When you set your direction and start taking action the universe will serve you up challenges so you can grow. It doesn’t serve you hurdles so you stop. Work it out, you will grow from it. There is always an answer, it is up to you to figure it out.

Whatever you do, stop “trying” things. Trying is just an easy way to avoid feeling bad about a shitty attempt. Commit to it. Even that language in itself is more powerful than simply “trying”. Don’t try and open up a business. Don’t try and get into shape. Don’t try and find a new job.

If you do what everyone else does then you will get what everyone else gets. Make a decision to do the hard things now.

Commit to 2016 and make it an epic year. It is not going to happen by accident.

May your year be full of belly laughs, deep squats and the strength to overcome the challenges that you will face.

Take Care and Kick Arse!


Dave Nixon