Day 1: The Human Movement Training Tour – Chris Spealler

Three things you need to know:

  1. Jet lag is a bitch
  2. 6300 ft elevation doesn’t leave you with much oxygen
  3. Don’t let your ego try and out do your physical

He’s fit.

Stupid fit.

He started after me and finished before me.

And I scaled.

Credit I am off the back of 20 odd hours of travel, a serious case of jet lag and also it is quite hard to oxygenate your blood at 6300 ft above sea level.

That being said, Chris Spealler is simply just badass. He is like a car that looks you know, kind of quick but is really kitted out with a full blown V8.

Basically, he is a VW Golf GTI with some serious aftermarket work done under the hood.

That being said, that isn’t the main reason I reached out to Chris early November last year. The main reason is because of who he portrays himself in the social media world and how he is portrayed in the media in general. He is known as the heart of the games (The CrossFit Games for those of you who aren’t sure). Now the man he is portrayed in the media is exactly the person he is in real life.

Chris is all class. Being an elite athlete, business owner and above all, a family man. I took the risk of coming all the way out to Park City, Utah knowing that he may be too busy to catch up. With his wife out of town, two kids and a hectic schedule which included filming for a ‘Skullcandy’ sponsored event this weekend, he still made time to chat and organised a time to train further.

It is these guys that are the true leaders in the industry. These are what we call “pull leaders”. Natural leaders because of the person they are.

So, in short, top bloke!

Now, into the good stuff…

Oxygen is important – you may already know this. Sometimes we don’t realise until it’s all we need. Like when you’re 30 minutes into your workout after 5 days off and are at an altitude that brings temperatures to -16 degrees in winter.

Yep, you quickly learn to not outrun your breath. And if you try then the good ol travelers back will remind you. I was fortunate enough to land at CrossFit Park City smack bang in the middle of ‘Hero’ Month. That is a month dedicated to workouts that are in honour of fallen soldiers.

And hero workouts they are.

Today was ‘Bull’

For time complete 2 rounds of:

200 Double Unders

50 Overhead Squats @ 135/95lb (about 60K/40K)

50 Pull ups

1 Mile Run

I am not too sure of my time. All I know is I did a pretty good job of scaling this one. I have a month left of training and travelling and I wasn’t about to bust my body and back on the first workout of the trip.

That being said, no doubt I will be sore tomorrow.

As far as training with Spealler is concerned, I felt like a beginner. The guy is the real deal.

The guys is in demand so fingers crossed I will have some awesome footage for tomorrow.

Truth be told, i just had my Air BnB host come back from travelling and make me a Martini. He is off to ride behind the Tour De France tomorrow morning. It would be rude to say no.

So until tomorrow, take care and kick arse!

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