Day 3: The Human Movement Training Tour – Gym Jones

hree things you need to know:

  1. AirDynes are for the devil and his associates
  2. Praise effort
  3. You can’t hide – Nor should you

“You have work to do.”

These were Bobby’s words post workout regarding my endurance. Simple and true.

He put it more eloquently than I felt it deserved.

In reality, you can liken my endurance to that of a hungover sloth.

The gym itself is maybe 250 square meters with some other rooms coming off the main floor. A couple of racks, about 6 rowers, 4 Ski-Ergs, 4 AirDynes, some boxes, a boxing bag and then there’s you.

Now when I say you can’t hide, I don’t mean that you can’t physically hide – well, you can’t do that either – but I mean any weakness comes to the surface. You can’t try and hide it. It’s there in its honest yet ugly perfection and it’s staring you in the face. Taunting you.

And all I can hear in my brain is “So what ya gonna do now?”

Now anyone that knows me knows that I run late from time to time (apparently a quality of optimists), so you could imagine how impressed I was with myself when I rocked up at 9:50am to find the gym in the industrial area of Salt Lake City. Considering the only indicator that there was a gym was a decal in the bottom corner of the window and the address on the door, which reads 3322 300E.

“That’s a lot of burpees.”

This was my response when I found out that training started at 9.

Fucking damn it Dave.

So jump onto the airdyne for a quick 10 minute warm up. While I am pedalling let me introduce you to Gym Jones and the man they call Bobby Maximus.

So Gym Jones came into my life about 7 years ago. I still remember listening to Mark Twight talking through the process of the training they put the actors of the ‘300’ Movie through on YouTube. To say I was intrigued would be an understatement.

In all honesty, it looked shit. At the time, I had never seen training like this before. So naturally, I had to know more. I had to do and feel what they were doing and feeling.

Fast forward 7 years and I contacted Bobby over email asking for the possibility to do a couple of days of training at Gym Jones. His reply “We could have you train here. What is your schedule like and how long would you like to train?”

Sweet! It’s on!

Gym jones is not your traditional gym. Clearly. There are no walk ins (good luck finding it in the first place anyway) it’s different to other community gyms. Like, there is literally no bull shit. None. This was proven with the debrief post workout today. Bobby didn’t cut anyone down – he just told it exactly how it was. What was not up to scratch and what was. No sugar coating – just fact. And he says it in a way that is completely neutral, yet it airs on the side of sincerity. If he is going to invest his time into you, then you better invest your effort into his time.

So who’s this Bobby guy? Since 2008 he has been the General Manager, Training Director and Lead Seminar instructor at Gym Jones. In the past he has fought at UFC 58, UFC 62 and also The Ultimate Fight Night 5. Couple this with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Psychology and English.

But that isn’t who he is. That’s just some of what he has done.

Bobby is a Bad ass Gentleman with a killer smile that makes you feel welcome and worried at the same time. He gives in a different way to Spealler. His words are for no other reason than for you to path your own way to being better. The guy is intimidating. But, not. As the saying goes, you are who you surround yourself with, so therefore anyone that spends time in this gym WILL become a better human.


Am I off the bike yet?…

Probably not…

So, I was late. Great! I missed squats. Awesome. I get to do a short team workout on the airdyne….

Welcome to your demon, David.

So, the workout? Simple.

In teams of 2:

50, 40, 30, 20, 10 cals each for time.

It was a race.

I was with John (you probably don’t know him), and I still feel I should send him a letter to apologise for my lungs exploding on the 40 cals. I could blame it on the Jet Lag. But that would be a lie. It was a combination of everything I haven’t done in the last 26 years that came to the surface today.

Don’t get me wrong – I put my honest effort in. it just, isn’t up to standard.

I have some work to do.


As Bobby said today – “As a trainer you probably spend on average 4 hours a week with a client. They can seriously fuck up their training in the remaining 164.”

Granted, it’s not just what you do inside the gym. It’s the investment you make outside that yields the ability to give it your all again.

So how did today go then? Well, Bobby invited me back tomorrow morning at 9. And then at 3. He said 9 was some form work – I am going to take that as a compliment. As for 3pm? It’s called FYF. You can guess what that’s an acronym for.

This is everything I wanted and hated all rolled into one. Therefore, it’s exactly what I need.

When you can admit that to yourself, you leave ego out of the question and that’s where growth occurs.

Dave Nixon