Day 7: The Human Movement Training Tour - Mr CT Fletcher

THMTT – Day 7

Three things you need to know:

1. Excellence is not a gene
2. The best leaders come from the hardest backgrounds
3. No matter who you are, No matter your background, Just rock up and don’t quit.

For one of the first times in my life I didn’t have words.

I have met people who have demanded my attention by their words, their tone, their leadership. But never like this.

When CT talks, you shut up.

Not just out of respect but because you know there is 4 decades of experience being shared in words that will not only pierce you for life but also build you into a better person.

He is known for his Cussing, his yelling, his size and his ability to use all of this to demand attention.

I promise you, it’s when he speaks softly that you listen closer. you can’t see it as much in most of his videos but this is when he shares his passion. So when he talks, you get your pen and paper out because you are about to record something you will use for the rest of your life.

I will not forget the words CT shared with me today. Nor forget the energy in which he shared them.

Naturally, we got talking about all sorts of things. Sure, I want to know his favourite exercise and all of that superficial crap. But really, deep down, I want to know what made him who he is today. You know what? Life fucking happens. It goes up and down and around and around and the single difference between CT and most others? He held on with whatever he could when everyone else gave up.

Like, its that simple. Just hold on. Through the shit and through the good stuff. When everything is peachy and going swell, life is just playing a game with you. You are not going to grow from that. That isn’t going to build you into a leader. We know this. We want to become the best we can by sailing smooth seas.


It’s how you respond to adversity, that determines how you grow.

To meet CT in person was humbling. Once again, someone who gets up in the morning and gives to his community. Don’t get me wrong, I had to pay to be there. This time.

You want to know why I love community gyms? Natalia, his daughter and business manager said to me: This is your gym, let me know when you would like to come back.

I love that shit.

Once again, I have found that every single leader I have worked with has a deeper meaning and pursuit behind what we see on eye value. CT has a deep need to give to all of his community. Online and in person. They are called Iron Addicts. I am proud to call myself one.

If this trip has taught me anything it has taught me that Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. All different backgrounds with their own unique story.

They have gone through shit and want to give to those who are willing to cross the line and suffer in the short term to be better in the long term.

They give respect where it is due. And support when people fall short.

At the end of the day, no matter where you are, no matter what your background, no matter how much you lift or don’t lift I have two things for you;

Give it literally all you got. And then more. No one can take away effort.
And after that, it is still your motherfucking set.

As for training?

We did ‘Americana’. It sounds like a dance. And my titties are still dancing.

Bench Press with reps of 1,2,3,4,5,6.. right up to 20. Then some tricep work. About another 160 reps.

Yep. It is your standard get in and grind work. What makes this type of work special? The people you have around you. As always, it’s the gym.

The equipment was worn, they had murals on the wall, they had roller doors and above all it had personality.

I looked around, this gym was after a bunch of people wanting the same thing. Not looking the same way.

That’s a family.

The Iron Addicts family.

3 words to sum up CT?

Benevolent, humbling, welcoming.

Its like he’s been here before.

Dave Nixon