Day 8: The Human Movement Training Tour - Westside Barbell

THMTT – Westside Barbell – Day 11

Three things you need to know:

1. Training is a metaphor for life
2. Back slaps aren’t given out for free – earn them
3. I don't care where you come from just put the work in

“You gotta get over the line. No one is going to help you get over the line.”

You could copy and paste those words into just about any aspect of your life and they would ring true. Time and time again.

Today, it was true with regards to a sled drag with a 45Kg medicine ball.

As simple as it is, it is one of the greatest metaphors to life there is.

Anyone can start.

The start is the easiest.

Then the weight pulling you back gets heavier.

Like a magnet, the ball is pulling to the ground harder each step.

You can quit here.

No one gets hurt.

Most people would.

But you’re not most people.

Don’t drop the ball.

Everythings hard until you win.

Until you get over the line.

The hardest part is always the middle.

Then you get used to the pain.

It becomes some kind of fuel.

Its like you don’t consider it work unless you feel this pain.

This discomfort.

Like everything in life.

Don’t drop the ball.

Life is a game of inches and you have to put those inches to work every single day.

We know this but isn’t it a beautiful metaphor?

That’s what today was.

Over a kilometre of work. Pulling, dragging, pushing, carrying.


Inch by inch.

That’s the thing most people don’t understand about training. That’s why so many other people relate to it so well.

Training is life. Not because of the weight you lift but because of who you become from grinding through the shit that gets thrown at you.

Westside is exactly that.

The people aren’t there to make friends. You become friends from grinding through the shit together. Just don’t quit. Like your friends in life. When you go through shit with your best friends you come out the other end closer. you both mutually respect the inner strength each other held and how that rubbed off onto you. They wouldn’t quit because you wouldn’t. And vice versa.

Westside, once again was located in an industrial area. The equipment was layered around the gym like a teenagers bedroom. Organised chaos. Love it. There were marks on the wall, scratches on the equipment and the weights were aged as hell.

But they still weighed the same. They still told the truth. Gyms like this just don’t lie. You either finish or you don’t. You either pick it up or you don’t. None of this “trophy for participating” business. You want a back slap in? Then goddamn put your arse on the line and put the effort in.

Louie Simmons is known as the father of PowerLifting in America. This is his gym. And no one pays. He runs it at a loss. But he has to be one of the most wealthiest men I have ever met. We have breakfast on Wednesday, more on him then.

As for westside – these guys and girls are legit. Today there were powerlifters, strongmen, track and field, fighters, and crossfitters. Just throwing it down getting work done.

I love it. They just don’t care where you are from, just put in the effort. None of this hating on powerlifting, Crossfit, body building. Just do the work and help each other out.

That’s a gym. That’s what it’s all about.

As for the work I did today?

3 x 15 Reverse Hyper Extensions

5 minute belt squat and safety bar walk. This has to be one of the single hardest warm ups I have done.

3 x 50 Banded Hamstring Curls

1 x 400m 80Kg Safety Bar

3 x 50m Wheel barrow @ 100Kg

4 x 100m Sled drags with varying toys. (medicine balls, chains, kettlebells etc.)

It was a lot of work. But it was different with the guys I was training with. “Quitting is not an option” were not some words painted on the wall, it was a feeling amongst a group of people grinding to become better.

It didn’t need to be said.

It was felt. That feeling I will get again come Wednesday.

Louie invited me to breakfast. Then, all hell breaks loose…

Dave Nixon