Day 9: The Human Movement Training Tour - The Westside Way

THMTT – Westside Barbell – Day 9

Three things you need to know:

1. Everybody has a weakness

2. Nothing substitutes hard work and attention to detail. Nothing.

3. If you haven’t been doing what you’re doing for 20 years then you’re a novice. No ‘If’s, and’s or but’s’

“Oh everybody has a weakness in their pull.”

And their push.

And their squat.

And their running technique.

Lose the concept of doing it right and look for better.

Bring your weaknesses to surface and watch yourself grow.

If you do, you can’t hide. It’s there. Staring at you in the face and everyone’s watching.

But let me tell you this, if you are in a room full of people judging you then you’re in the wrong room. You aren’t doing the wrong thing.

Too often we hide our weaknesses and vulnerability because we don’t want to get judged.


Change rooms.

Keep going.

There is no improvement in only strengthening your strengths. As important as it is it will only increase the gap and put off the inevitable.

I have been there.

But if you care more about being judged than your own personal development then I’m sorry my friend, you simply don’t want it bad enough.


Why am I saying this? Because, once again the environment you are in is more important than the toys you’re playing with.

Westside has that environment.

And it’s got all the toys to boot.

Louie ranked top 10 in powerlifting for 30 years.

You know what that means?

Get out a pen and paper and write like hell.

That’s what that goddamn means.

It’s simple – fix the weakness and if there isn’t one add load or bands until you see it.

Then get strong.

Pretty simple process really.

More often than not we do it the other way around.

Rookie error.

One which we are all guilty of.

There are not many other people in the world who have given to their sport the way Louie has given to human performance.

Not just powerlifting.

But all power and endurance sports.

No one pays at the gym. No one pays at breakfast. And if you call, leave a message. He will call back. Like the list of 50 odd names he had given to him to call after training.

A world renowned and world famous facility run like a family.

The family is the important part. The integral part. And you know what kills most gyms? The same things that kill most athletes.


Just shut up and get in and train.

Be thankful to have the opportunity to do so. It is a privilege denied to many.

Find your weakness. Give it attention to detail. Don’t sugar coat it. Surface it’s ugly face. Like a graze, it stings to begin with. Patch that shit up and keep moving forward.

It’s not new news guys, there isn’t a secret. There is a method, but no pill.

Just get in and work.

Don’t look for right. Look for the weakness.

It maps your path to improvement.

Physical improvement is your mental developments shadow.

It always follows.

As for Westside, it has no weakness. It’s already surfaced them.

Dave Nixon