Day 10 & 11: The Human Movement Training Tour - The Real Jay Maryniak

THMTT – The Real Jay Maryniak – Days 10 & 11

Three things you need to know

1. Your past does not equal your future
2. How you do every single rep counts
3. There are countless failures behind everyone’s highlight reel

“I just remember thinking; I am going to die”

Quite often we can relate these words to a feeling we may get mid workout. Sadly, that isn’t the case in this situation.

These were Jay’s words he said to me as he reflected on his youth.

Addiction and drug abuse. It was as if what he was staying alive for was killing him.

The thought that Jay ever abused drugs never crossed my mind when I got tagged in one of his ridiculous challenges he posts on his Instagram about 12 months ago. It wasn’t until later on that a post on Instagram showed a epic transformation both physically and mentally which was scribed in the comments box below the picture.

The things that draw me to these kind of people time and time again is their character. Who they are as a person. Go past the big lifts, the thousands of followers and the millions of views on youtube and find out what makes them who they are.

What’s even better than the cool challenges, back flips and human flags that Jay does is who he is as a person. As I walked down the stairs of Mount Kisco train station Jay was already there waiting to pick me up. We have been chatting for a couple of months now and introductions were not necessary. It was awesome to spend some time training and hanging out with someone who shares the same vision from across the ocean. I had to travel a total of 8 hours over the two days just to get from Brooklyn to Mount Kisco. Would I do it again? Without hesitation.

What was probably more awesome than hitting up 2 hour training sessions was the hours we spent shooting the shit about ideas and dreams over lunch each day. I have said it before, it’s the person behind the public eye that intrigues me.

Jay is legit. Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 27 was just one of the more recent hurdles thrown his way. With everything he has been through, you cant even sense or get a hint of him portraying a victim. He owns everything.

That’s why he is successful. This Is what separates the crowd.


Jay is self-made. There is no doubt about it. If you haven’t already heard Jay’s inspirational story than you can listen to it here –

As for training? I rocked up on day 1 and we putting our brains together did some squat work, plyometrics (the guy is the real kangaroo – check out his stuff on insta @jtm_fit), sprints and some conditioning including burpees, box jumps and midline work.

Jay rarely lifts. He is a by-product of consistent and disciplined calisthenics and gymnastics. His body control is ridiculous. He said it wasn’t about doing every rep but rather how you did it that matter the most. Every single time we move we have the opportunity to reaffirm an old movement pattern or we can help reaffirm a new one. It’s pretty simple when you break that down.

To think that someone who had minimal control over his body let alone his mind has turned around and become an inspiration to a generation is phenomenal. It took time, but we know that time is going to pass any way.

He is a living symbol that your past does not equal your future.

He embodied this the more we talked after training. Sharing both his passions and his goals.

Needless to say, I am excited to see it come to fruition.

Day 2 was unreal. We literally played with online fitness challenges, handstands, planches, pull ups and muscle ups. Sharing concepts and different teachings of gymnastics. It was rad to be able to put two brains and bodies in a room and come up with some rad ideas without a timer before your next meeting or your next phone call or your next appointment.

To just train until you had had enough.

Or got hungry.

I got hungry.


We got some awesome footage. But don’t be fooled, it was riddled with a lot of faceplants and moments of hilarity.

So, in short – If you don’t know Jay already, you should. Follow him on FB and Insta for a constant stream of inspiration and guidance. It is these unsung heroes that we need to hear more of.

Some are born great others achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.

Jay is all three.

Dave Nixon