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There is absolutely no denying that in business, Culture is king.

Often people really invest time into their business systems and logo design and neglect the stuff that makes us feel connected like culture and values.

You cannot discount systems and the aesthetics of a business and we have done enough research now to know that time and time again people come back for an experience. In our industry, 9 times out of 10 that experience comes from the coach or business owner.

An easy way to look at this is to consider the concept of BE Brands.

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BE Brands identify what your business and community believe in, who they belong to and how the community behaves to allow them to better connect with your brand.
For example;

At X Gym…
We BElieve ______
You BElong to_______
We BEhave in a ______ manner

Truth be told, your clients are your sales people so you have to look after them.

You have to educate, develop and above all give to them.

Simon Sinek has a great book called ‘leaders eat last’ that talks about the need for giving and looking after your team.

Don’t wait until your clients go to leave to give to them. That’s a reactive system and is like buying flowers to say sorry.

Buy them for no reason at all.

Romance the shit out of your relastionships.


I yelled that….


People say it is the thought that counts. This is only half right.
When you put thoughts and gifts together or you show you care without saying it then you are in the space of building a giving culture.

If executed well, you will have to face three common consequences to those actions:

  1. You will feel genuinely good for doing things that are authentic and people honestly appreciate your actions
  2. Your strengthen the bond between your brand and the customer.
  3. This customer wants to actively talk about your services and business organically

Consumers are constantly getting smarter and right now one of the best ways to hold a quality product and to stand out is to be authentically yourself. That creates a better relationship with the client over many other logical factors.

This approach can work a lot better than offering a free week of membership (or equivalent) for a referral. That strategy can sometimes come across fake because the person referring can sometimes have ulterior motives to encouraging people to come in. This can often bring the wrong people into your culture which, in turn will impact it on a larger negative level than the weekly membership fee is worth.

Giving happens in a whole bunch of different ways. You can of course give money among many other resources. It is the act of giving that will keep the relationship between you and the client strong and will extend the lifetime value of the client for your business.

These don’t always have to be massive actions or payments. In fact for the majority of people they don’t have to be payments. Giving a couples voucher for the movies for clients who have referred a few people is a big gesture.
Under promising and over delivering is the best way to build raving fans.

The aim is to build a client base that genuinely wants to bring their friends and family in. You want more of the same calibre of clients.

Spend the time to invest in your current clients and in return they will actively seek people they want to be around in your facility. The idea of watering your garden in order for it to grow is much better than going out and trying to pick flowers from other gardens.

REMEMBER; You are not in the fitness business teaching people. We are in the people business teaching fitness.

So this week I want you to do 1 thing that is completely selfless for your clients.

  • Only have 20 clients? Write them a letter each to thank them for their service and include a small voucher from a business that has a similar focus as yours. Could be a café, a nutritionist or even a movie theatre.
  • Put on a monthly bring a buddy workout and BBQ. This can also help your clients bring their friends in at no cost to them. It is seen as an add value and it helps build the culture of your brand.
  • Choose 5 clients and call them up for no other reason but to thank them for their service.

Whatever you choose to do, do it authentically.

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Dave Nixon