How to buy Facebook 'Likes': Don't.

Oh internet.


Where you could be a dog and no one would know.


Where 21st century warriors come to share knowledge that doesn’t exceed a google search past page 1.


Where gurus are outnumbering doctors.


What a magical place filled of “researched” wizardry and douche baggery to fuel our righteous social justice system of pretentious pizza pocket consuming emotional keyboard warriors.


Shoot me now.


But this isn’t about them butt sore google certified heroes.


No, no. This is about the other ones.


The weekend certified, ‘like’ purchasing gurus.


Come on, we all know you bought them.


You know you’re not fooling anyone, right?


“Hey Kevin, check out this guy’s quote from Abraham Lincoln on the September 11 tragedy over a sunrise picture of a beach that Guru lieface has never been to. Man that inspires me to feel small and need whatever unnecessary service this person isn’t qualified to do.”




Just. Fuck.


Actually. Don’t fuck. Don’t breed.


Just stop.


Stop with the lies to yourself.


Cause you look a fool! If you don’t put out content that deserves attention then putting out content with “followers” that give you no attention makes it look so much worse.


In real life, these people cheat and lie to people.


That’s what you are doing online right now.


Maybe you’re reading this and you are upset because I have hurt your feelings.


If you feel that then there is a high chance it’s because you bought followers.


That’s why you are offended.


Not because of what I have said but because of what you have done.


Rather than emailing or commenting on how much I am wrong and your feelings are hurt, instead let’s do the adult thing and take a good long hard look at ourselves and our actions.


Then instead of trying to do what your overpriced business coach has encouraged and told you to do, let’s try and all be ourselves.


That way, you aren’t fooling anyone.


And if people don’t like you. You won’t care. Because you worked hard on liking yourself, you don’t need the approval of others.


You see, buying likes is like hiring an escort. At first people are like “oh wow, that guy is doing well!”


That turns into “oh wait, he paid for her. Oh man that’s sad, I feel sorry for him.”


“Why do you have to be so mean, David? This people are just trying their best and having a go! You should be supportive.”


No. no they aren’t trying. That’s the problem.


If you have been in an industry for less than 5 years than you are an apprentice. Don’t act like a professor. Swim in your lane.


Why? You are teaching the youth of today the wrong message. That’s the main fucking reason why. You buying likes doesn’t impact what I eat. But it does impact the future values of our youth.


It’s not just a few likes. It’s the insecurity behind the purchase that is the issue.


I get everyone is trying to make it nowadays. Especially in the health space.


Instead of trying to make it, why not try giving quality content consistently?


And for like, I dunno, years?


Don’t be fooled – this shit ain’t easy. So stop taking the easy route and throwing money at your issues.


Stop thinking this shit comes quickly.


Stop looking like everyone else.


Go camping and look at the stars and find out who you really are because sooner or later you will be found out.


Too many people are paying for “positions” and “attention” that their character can’t keep them in. And, along the way to pursuing your dream in the fastest possible way, you are cracking A LOT of eggs.


And when I say eggs, I mean people.


In your "magnificent" pursuit of leaving an excellent legacy, your blind ego is hurting people.


Go back to the basics and asses your values.


If you don’t have enough integrity to that, then don’t teach.


It is that simple.


Yours Sincerely,


This guy.

Dave Nixon