Revolution Coaching: Framing and Delivery 101

Three things you need to know:


  1. Most of our intellect and training content misses the mark in our delivery.
  2. You can literally almost do anything if you frame it in the right way.
  3. Framing sets the tone for your presentation, delivery and the way people will perceive you


Coaching and communication skills are as important if not more important than the content you are coaching. I thoroughly believe that we must keep our knowledge around human movement and performance in a constant pursuit of excellence and adaptation. I also believe that our ability to impact and influence comes from our ability to communicate and connect.


Emotional intelligence has emerged to be more and more respected as we start to see that it is not always the most knowledgeable that make the biggest impacts but rather those who have the ability to know and connect to people.


As Simon Sinek says; "If you don't know people, you don't know business."

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One of the common mistakes people make before offering their thoughts, services or advice is the ability to frame what you are going to say or put forward. Sometimes all it takes is actually qualifying whether or not your advice will even be taken on board. Simply asking someone (yes, even a client) “would you like to know what I think?” or “Can I share my experience with you?” can dramatically change how this person will take your advice on.


I have seen some coaches get disrespected more than the other coach mainly from just not holding a position of influence in the way they deliver themselves and also give content. Framing is rapports distant cousin and you have to be able to frame what you are deliver in order to have the person or peoples to be receptive.


The coaches I am referring to have usually done this to themselves without even realising. It of course, depends on the environment in which they work or operate.


It is common to see people jump in and “correct” or give feedback without framing what they are about to say. Most of the time coaches are giving the right content but totally miss the mark in the delivery. To really lead people we must develop our people skills. The EQ is far more important than IQ in this component of coaching.


I thoroughly encourage you to develop your delivery, coaching and people skills in order to really become an influencer in this space.


Framing is more than simply mentioning what you will be going through. It is an opportunity to set a vibe, communicate with your non-verbals and lay down the expectations for the workout. The way you speak when delivering the workout will even determine how people will act towards you. You must deliver it with confidence and from a place of leadership.


You can frame the delivery of your information and even your writing content by simply saying what the clients or readers are to expect.


An example can be when working with a client of band assisted pull ups for the first time, you may say; “Now I am just guessing with the band we are using because there are a l lot of variables to which people should use which bands so if we have to take some away or add some that’s pretty standard until we find some that work.”


This is replacement of not saying anything and then potentially having to add bands which can be demoralising for someone who already thinks they are overweight or unhealthy. If you frame it then they will see it as a normal process when finding out what bands work for them. You can literally do this with every single conversation and instruction you give when coaching.



Being able to frame conversations and instructions can sometimes be the difference between influencing a client and completely losing them. What’s worse than having them leave is losing them (on a connection level) and have them stay. This can over time disrupt the culture and the client can complain about not getting anywhere or getting any results. When of course, it was simply us who didn’t connect with them.


Start framing your work and conversations and please feel free to share examples or questions in the group.

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Dave Nixon