Revolution Business: Building an online presence for PT's

It is no surprise that my business crush is Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk.

Besides being honest, to the point and witty he provides a ridiculous amount of content online. If anything, he is probably the king of it.

I have never met the guy, yet to buy his book (sorry bro!), haven't handed him a cent but here I am singing his praises for how well he provides content.

(So check his shit out at: YouTube: Gary Vaynerchuk - Insta: @garyvee - Snapchat: GaryVee - Facebook: Gary Vaynerchuk - You won't be dissapointed)

Anywho, too often, too many people worry about how much traction their posts get over how often they actually post. Truth be told, a lot of people write really fluffy content.

So many people are fixated on making a post go viral they don't actually focus on the important point: giving content that adds value.

If you are fixated on a viral post then you are literally in it for the wrong fucking reasons.

Let go of the ego and share the spirit...

...or some shit like that.

You have to be authentically yourself. Don't try and sound like someone else. Don't even try to deliver it a way you think the audience wants it. Deliver it as you, by you and you will speak directly to the right audience for you.

As a society, we can sniff out bullshit more than ever before and there is so much noise in the online space that it is easy to sound like everyone else.

In fact, if you look at all of the people you look up to in the online world and their personalities, they are usually just themselves with a little extra caffeine to be above the noise. We may not agree with everything they say but we do agree with a lot. They are usually also showing an exaggeration of their personality. But they know who they fucking are. They aren't afraid to be that person or be ridiculed. That is why we look up to them.

I really hope you are picking up what I am putting down here....

You really have to dig deep and bring your own personality or spin/flavour into your content, writing and videos. If you are not used to getting in front of a camera then spend time each week in front of it and watch it back. Critique it so you enable yourself to improve over the years to come.

If you aren't a good writer then start writing. You won't get any better waiting for it to miraculously happen. Just like training, you have to do the work. You will feel silly in the beginning but everyone does.

If I can share any hope with you, I didn't complete English in year 12 and have never written a full essay. I totally know some shithead is reading this right now being like "ah yeah, we can tell."

Shut up, you are reading my stuff. I must of done something right.


Look, If you only trained on the days you felt good then you would get no where. The same goes for writing, online content and your videos.

People want real, authentic people to connect with. In this world filled with highlight reels and fakenss be a beacon of authenticity. It is almost a rebellious act to do so. People will connect with you and interact with you more when they see the real you.

This will take time but it sure as hell is better for the soul than buying fucking likes.

You have to continually provide content that is of value to the viewer.

It is better to provide daily content at 85% than sporadic content at 100%. In all honesty, it is the posts you don't assume to get traction that usually do.

Just keep posting content that adds value to the consumer.

If you are worried about people unfollowing you then don't. They will do that anyway. Chances are they were never going to buy from you or gain value from your product and besides, it is better to have an audience of 2000 who interact with you than 15000 who don't.

Here is some of my best advice to building presence online:

  1. Theme your content and be sure to build accountability to post or share content every day. Yes, every day. You can share a video you gained inspiration from or someone elses blog. Doesn't have to be all your stuff.
  2. Your first line has to be attention grabbing. I often use a line that can be disruptive or I swear. The reality is, you can tell it is me. I cannot boost these posts but fuck it. It is authentic.
  3. It has to add value or connect to the consumer. They have to be able to think "fuck yeah, that's totally me" or you have to solve a problem for them.
  4. Use different forms of content. Written (long and short form), Pictures, Videos, Youtube videos, Live, Snapchat etc.
  5. Interact with everyone who took the time to interact with you. Even the people they tag in the post. This is how you build a brand, community and loyalty. You are not above them, we are all human.
  6. Be your fucking self and if you don't know who that is then go camping and look at the stars for a few hours. Somehow that kind of helps.

As Gary says; Jab, jab, jab, right hook. Meaning; give, give, give, ask (not take). You will not lose out if you educate your audience. You will just build a greater community of fans.

Give consistent content that adds value and just be yourself.

You will attract the right audience and you will get better over time.

I fucking promise.


Dave Nixon