Day 2: The Human Movement Training Tour – Here’s the Speal

Three things you need to know:

  1. Jet Lag is still a bitch
  2. Community is everything
  3. Iron helps us play


It was 5am AEST when I decided to get up this morning. Which equates to about 1pm here in Utah.


Yep, Jet Lag kicked my arse again. Which was fine cause I was training at 430pm. Perfect time to eat and have 2 hours before training!




Tomorrow is 10am. Which is 2am AEST time.


At Gym Jones.


Wish me luck. I don’t usually believe in luck but it might come in handy this time around.


As far as training today goes, here’s the speal..


Everything I wrote yesterday was confirmed. Spealler is all class and he is in it for the community.


I love that. That’s the shit that matters.


At the end of the day it is how you contributed to someones feelings that mattered the most. So to hear someone of such high caliber in CrossFit speak so passionately about the community and CrossFit’s intentions way back at its foundation was inspiring.


The guy still jumps into workouts with the clients and can been seen heavily giving within his community. It’s just awesome.


It’s what it is all about.


Once again, the man gave me his time and thoughts without hesitation. And with his kids climbing around but not getting anywhere near being in the way.


As far as the workout was concerned – it went from being about 40 minutes yesterday to just over 7 today. I was cool with that.


Another Hero workout called ‘JT’

For time complete


21-15-9 of

Handstand Push-ups

Ring Dips



Not a crazy long workout. Made easier with little limbs!


So, i finished in 7:18. Not too bad by my marker.


Chris: 4:30 or something dumb like that.


That is 135 reps in less than 290 seconds. Pretty much 1 rep every 2 seconds.


I even stole his rings trying to put him off (not really but really) and he still managed to finish, take his kid to the bathroom and be there for my last 18 reps. (You can see him creeping on me behind my ring dips…)


He is an athlete, no doubt about it. But it is the community influence that separates leaders like this. Someone who has been in their discipline from pretty much the start and has stuck to their morals and values.


That’s a coach.


Anyone can be a trainer, it takes integrity to build that into a coaching leader.


If you aren’t already – get behind him. Definitely someone worth learning from.


Oh, and the iron helps us play? Well it’s either going to be squats or steak.


Today it was steak.


Hopefully tomorrow will bring both with Gym Jones…

Dave Nixon