Will the real Nate Chambers please stand up?

Ok, so where were we?

Well, even though this is meant to be some what of a detailed day by day journal of our tour, I am currently in a hostel in Hermosa Beach California. The time is 11:18pm and I have a podcast in the morning at 7am. The trick is to find a quiet enough room in an old building full of foreigners and pissheads to ramble about the mind and our movement. I will figure it out – we always do, right?

So the day to day stuff didn't really work out. Instead, I want to take you on a journey with me and the two boys, Brendan and Rory.

Some of the following was written at 7am, some of it was written at midnight. Some of it was written in the passenger seat of a car or on a plane. Some of it was written whilst I had an empty wallet and full heart and some was while intoxicated from jet fuel coffee that could poison a cockroach. So please, forgive me if some of it doesn't make sense. I want you to know that, like the proceeding articles, this whole trip is unedited and authentic.

Kind of like how I like my friends.

So, where has all of the footage and writing been you ask then? Well, its in my head and on my devices.

This trip has been NUTS!

In under 2 weeks we have had 14 training sessions, driven over 4000kms, spent 58 hours in a car, we have checked into 11 different hostels, air bnbs and motels. Also, hot tip, hostels and downtown motels have the internet speed of a drunken baby sloth – just in case you needed to upload something important.

Not to mention everything from hitting debris on the road to 5am fire alarms in our Vegas casino which was 30 minutes out of town in the middle of the desert next to a “correctional facility”.

We have learnt to always read reviews, not just on the accommodation itself but also on its location. All that aside, we have some amazing stories about some amazing people we have met up with and some situations that no one would want to ever be in.

Look, nothing compares to riding shotgun in a Hyundai Elentra nicknamed ‘Ellen’ travelling 140kms through the Nevada desert, California Coast and Yosemite forest. So I will do my best to paint pictures with words and evoke emotions through twisted realities.

In the space of just under a day we literally went from saying goodnight to the sun over the golden gate bridge of San Francisco to Yosemite national park welcoming us with open branches. Only to hit the desert plains in Nevada that hold land records a few hours later. 3 days later when we turned Ellen into the Delorean and time traveled through 4 states in the space of 12 hours.

I think you get my point, this trip has been busier than a squirrel with ADHD.

As for The Nate Chambers, well he is someone you want to know.

The Nate Chambers doesn’t just own a gym, he is an inventor at heart. He breaths innovation.

Never satisfied with how things are and with the ability to see things how they could be. To be honest, I don’t really know why you’re reading this right now or what brought you to come across it but let me tell you something I have learnt from travelling and working with world class leaders.

The person matters.

Everything else that we talk about is nothing but a by product. They achieved this or they achieved that. As great as this is, and it is great, it is finding out who they are, what they do and what makes them tick that is of real value. Everyone knows that to be the hardest worker in the room you just have to rock up earlier, stay later and sweat blood. But what makes that person that way? What makes them not snooze the alarm. Are there consistencies in the way they speak and articulate their words around your mind? Or is the secret in the service? The contribution they give to the world?

You see, that’s what keeps me up. That’s what makes me set my alarm early. Being invited into these peoples homes, whether that be their industrial gym or 4 bedroom town house. I want to see these high achievers as they are in their relaxed state. This is where they tell secrets they didn’t know they had. The words just fall off their tongue during the song of everyday sentences. Like a code on a safe, these clicks of clarity come together and unlock chunks of wisdom that lead to the capture of happiness and riches.

I am not a personal trainer or a business owner. I do those things, but that is not what I am.

I am a talent scout. I have the ability to identify strengths in individuals and crack codes to understand what not only makes them tick, but how we can replicate this within themselves and others like them.

Each personality can be successful. You just have to find people who have similar personalities to you and copy them. Success breeds success. You have to know yourself. One persons story may not work for you. Square blocks don't fit into triangle holes.

You see, It’s not the early bird that has the advantage of the bird who knows the worms movements. It is the bird that knows themselves the best.

I’m here to crack the codes of these people. Whether they realise it or not.

So, in saying that, I don’t have a heap of technical tips for you. I don’t really have a program that’s going to get you ripped in the next 8 weeks. I don’t have that because I know its all fluff. I don’t have that because what trumps short term results is mastering the long game and mastering one’s self.

So if you were after some sort of short term pill, don’t read on.

If you are after stories of problem solving and adversity along with cracking the codes of leaders in this industry then I have a feeling you and I will get along just fine.

Now, if you really want to find out who The Real Nate Chambers is then you will have to wait until the next installment to find out...

Dave Nixon