Roop Sihota and the future of the fitness industry - THM04

Its hit me.

Well, I think that’s what’s hit me – the exhaustion.

Front kicked me right in the soul.

Its funny, it is nearly a year ago today that I sat my broke and starving ass down in a casino Las Vegas and waited for time to die until I caught my red eye flight east.

Its currently Thursday the 28th of July and I am currently sitting my broke and starving ass down in a  casino in Las Vegas and waiting for time to die until I catch my red eye flight east.

It appears that lightning does strike twice.

Really sluggish, sloth like lightning.

As for the tour, please allow me properly introduce Roop.

Monday the 11th of July –

Monday woke us up with haste as we headed to Roarks gym for some breakfast deadlifts. It was time to finally settle into some work and filming. Since I had been driving so much I had such little time to collaborate any film and complete any writing. We had a massive chunk of driving coming up in the next two days so this was a perfect time to reflect on what has been one of the fastest moving, whirlwind weeks of my life.

So what better to compound some arm squats (AKA Bench Press) with then some good old fashioned blogging. What can I say? I like to party.

We had organised a day or two earlier to join in with Roop on his hand balance class this evening and I was fortunate enough to borrow him and his brain for 30 minutes prior to class.

Roop has been in the background of your social media and the movement based, well, movement for some time. He has had a constant contribution to the health, performance and physical therapy space and ideally, for him, he wants to see the fitness space merge into a large free sharing source. He believes (and I do agree with him), that we need to move to an openly shared platform of information that is free to obtain. He would go on to say that of course, he needs to feed his family and house them but he finds it difficult to hold all information back.

His vision for the future of the industry and in turn the future of our population and our health is something that is both admirable and achievable. I myself have fallen victim to charging some nominal fee for information that really would help more people if they had access to it. It aligns with my values more and that is why I put someone like Roop in such regard because their vision for the industry is not to sell 1 million copies of the same program. It is for the betterment of the industry regardless of their own personal status. Because that’s what a leader does, they eat last. So Simon Sinek told me.

I am not against selling. I think it is one of the most valuable characteristics and skills someone should have. Going on a date is selling, communicating an idea is selling. We are all selling. Even if you are the person that says ‘no’ to what they are selling, they still have to “buy” your ‘no’.

There is just a distinct difference in people who are in the game for the long vision and the betterment of everyone. That’s where Roop stands above.

We interviewed Roop and all footage is to be released through my FB page over the coming weeks. If you are in the fitness industry than it is crucial that you continue to understand these leaders and where they come from. They don’t always shine in the spotlight, they are sometimes the ones busy doing the day to day grit that you just never see. Sometimes they don’t pop up on your newsfeed until you go find them. Some of the best gyms in the world are hidden and only known because of word of mouth.

The same goes for some of the best coaches.

Consider this Roop’s word of mouth. Not that he needs it, he has it on podcasts and youtube channels all over the web.

At the date of writing this (31st of July 2016) I tick over into my 13th year in the fitness industry. I have trained and coached well into the thousands, managed and worked along side hundreds of PT’s and coaches and have travelled the world and trained in gyms from Westside Barbell and Gym Jones through to rubbing shoulders with Tommy Hackenbruck and CT Fletcher to name a few of an ever growing list of fitness leaders and world athletes.

I consider myself a novice. I don’t believe there has been a week in those 12 years that I haven’t been in the gym or at least used nature as my gym. I have built businesses and nearly ran them into the ground before building them back up again. When I say “I”, I really refer to my team. They are my everything. I would barely breathe without them.

You see, although I am many things, above all I am a student. I am also a teacher, yes and I don’t know everything but I want you to take everything that I do know. Use it and apply it where necessary.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t learn from my clients. Every single day they teach me something. I also learn from people like Roop. From his ability to breakdown the beauty and simplicity of a handstand to his vision of the industry. We need more Roop’s. We need more educators. But above all, we need more students.

More students like Rory Bourke.

I want to tell you about Rory’s story and how he went from childhood violence to a young and upcoming leader in the fitness industry. But, unfortunately, that will have to wait until the next edition.

For now, we got to get in a car and drive East. We have a national park, a desert and Mormon country to track down. First stop, Lathrop and the shittest burger I have every had in my face.

Yes, Carls Jr. you literally tasted like a homeless person with chlamydia.

I will never forgive you.

Oh, and Lathrop was booked in the drive leaving San Fran. We had no idea what the fuck we were doing. Kind of like the next few days….


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