Yosemite to Salt Lake? Consider it, Dunn! - THM06

The branches hugged the roads of Yosemite National Park as we twisted around it’s never ending corners.

Every bend brought about a new installment of excitement. Even though you are only simply driving through what really is a forest, you can’t help but get lost in the magic of such a beautiful place as each corner provided you with an endless amount of possibility of what could be just around the corner.

If only we looked at life more often like that, huh?

Brendan, one of my more experienced co-pilots, knew where we were going. I was simply the uber driver on this occasion. Being told the destination and following the directions of what really felt like Brendan's intuition to a watering hole that was towered by mountains.

We were en route to Salt Lake City as we were about to leave our mark on Gym Jones and Tommy Hackenbrucks world famous CrossFit UTE and the Hack Pack who won back to back CrossFit Games in the Team division.

But first; Tenaya Lake.

Tenaya lake was tucked away and, well, so it should be. I am not sure it is fit for humans to see it. Just about everywhere I have been humans have left their footprint. For the most part, it hasn’t been a good footprint. It was peaceful and it felt like I had stepped into the mind of someone reading a fiction novel.

I can see why Brendan wanted to come past. Although he grew up in a small country, sunkissed town in the bushland of Australia, I have no doubt that the serenity of natures breath centres him in a way he cant explain with words.

Instead, he just explains it by finding a spot on a rock and watching the lake mirror the sky.

Brendan is the youngest of 4 brothers and the most centred 20 year old I have met. There is no doubt that Brendan taught me more on this tour than I had taught him. Sometimes the lessons we learn aren’t always new but rather reminders of how to act and more importantly, how not to. I believe we all need people who are able to bring us back to the now and the important and Brendan, although im not sure he knows, has that ability.

It is a leadership quality that I have no doubt rubbed off on him from his military serving brother. Or, possibly vice versa.

It was whilst perched on that rock, that I realised it really was one of the first times we were silent, still and disconnected from the lie that is “social” media.

It reminded me of a lesson my father taught me. He taught me that sometimes doing nothing is the most important thing you can do.

Brendan silently reminded me.

I think he needed it and I am sure he knew how much I needed it before tackling the cacti freckled desert of Nevada.

We were west bound and had booked a room in a little town called Ely not far from the border of Utah. From where we were, it was literally from the end of one state to the end of the next. It was a long drive, boring for two thirds of the party and life threatening for all three.

From neverending straights to obnoxious bends, the Nevada desert provided me with more tricks than a toothless carny.

Once we reached Ely, it didn’t disappoint.

Like most roadside motels, we all updated our will before going to sleep. Never in a town full of white people have I felt more like an outcast. I am not sure if I slept that night or just waited.

Once the sun scared off the stars we hit the ground running with both Ellen and myself fuelled by what can only be described as petroleum fuel. Hers pumped from a bowser, mine camouflaged in a McDonalds coffee cup.

Utah was in our sights and I was hungry to hit the mats and plates of Gym Jones.

We were off to see the fittest man you’ve never heard of.

Rob McDonald is the general manager of Gym Jones and boasts a decorated professional MMA career, a degree in education and psychology as well as serving in the police force in another life. Rob peacocks a persona on social media that reflects his attitude and personality on caffeine. Rob, AKA Bobby Maximus, has no time for your bullshit. What he does have is passion.

Passion to devote every waking minute to improving the education of those who are ready. He is the type of human that levels you up by his presence.

He does it by building resilient humans from the inside out.

Overall, It’s pretty simple, leave your bullshit at home.

Bobby is the kind of guy you need to know. So if you don’t know him, then its best you tune into the next blog.

As for now, Brendan is a key player. He isn’t just a young gym owner and friend. He is a teacher and educator. A mentor to more than he may know.

I remember being 20 and working in the industry. Then, I was ahead of my time. Just like Brendan is. I just didn’t show the maturity or the potential he does.

It is good to know that the future of the industry has a lot of potential. Away from the selfies. Away from the self-obsessed body-righteousness PT’s who are mesmerized by the illusion in the mirror. Someone with depth that actually stands for something of depth.

Faith restored.

Now, I have to admit, Salt Lake City was worth the drive.

I never thought that such bare land could entrance you with such personality as the Nevada desert.

Utah was much the same – stunning but with less casinos.

As for Salt Lake City, it was as if you were driving in a mammoth crater and no matter how far you traveled, the towering walls of rock would never get any closer.

Salt Lake City mysterious and quirky. Kind of like a relatives home crossed with a little of 'the hills have eyes'.

Strangely, I like it.

Once we were settled into our Air BnB which boasted a double bed, two couches and a microwave, we were v-lined for Colossal CrossFit to open the hips and arteries. After being folded in a car for 3 days it was good to get under some weight. Reminds you that you have a heartbeat.

And, once again, the CrossFit community welcomed us with open arms. Nick – thank you. I will see you again next year.

As for now, it’s time for some Hawaiian dinner and hit the sack (that’s Aussie slang for ‘going to bed’ – just want to clear that one up).

Tomorrow, we dance with Bobby. But not until I get fuck all sleep on the couch and stay up till 2am uploading film and back writing articles. Cause you know, this is vacation and all, right?

Night fuckers, see you tomorrow….

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