Will Dynamite; the Superhero of the next generation - THM05

So while the sun tried to lure the Golden Gate bridge to bed in our rear vision mirror, we decided to go hunting for bears.

The best part of booking Lathrop on the way to Lathrop was that we booked for tomorrow night not for the night we arrived.


We got the date wrong.

Lathrop appeared to be more of a truck stop rather than an actual town. Not only did Lathrop take a part of my soul via a so called burger that tasted like the great depression, it also cost us twice as much in accommodation due to little B’s error.

It happens.

You just can’t focus on those events. When you focus on the big picture, you will realise that the universe pays you well. Whether that be in money, happiness or health. Focusing across the board is the best way to push forward and forget the small stuff.

Like spending $300 to stay in the middle of butt fuck nowhere.

Ass hats.

Anyway, after CPR that followed the attempted homicide from one of Carls Jr.’s burgers, we found some form of RnR in the same room as what appears to be a drunken sleeping lion.

Being the only one over the age of 25 it was me at the helm of ‘Ellen’. Insurance is through the roof for people who are under the age of 25, so driving for the other guys was boring. For me it was like playing the final level of Call of Duty on expert level. It was tiring and if I wasn’t careful, it could be deadly.

Almost as deadly as Rory Bourke.

So before we hit the hugging trees of Yosemite and smokey deserts of Nevada, allow me to introduce you to him.

Rory is one of my travelling warriors and has earn't the nickname of ‘Will Dynamite’ due to his middle name being ‘Will’ and his explosive personality. From his goof ball antics through to his lion heart, a new superhero was born.

His name is 'Will Dynamite'.

Now Rory has the ability to jump the gun. He learns by experience and that’s how he lives his life.

This American trip isn’t easy. Even though, for the first few weeks, he has treated it like a holiday, I promise you we have a wake-up call coming - this is no holiday.

This is work.

This is problem solving.

This is more than just winging it. It is literally being dumped on one side of the country and having to make your way all the way around. Accommodation, travel, food and all. With many situations that you just cannot make up or even begin to anticipate, you must work together and get yourself out of it.

This tour is single-handedly the best character building and team building work I have ever done. I mean if you travel and go home the same person then you wasted your time. It is impossible to come on one of my tours and go home the same person. You level up. You see the world differently. I promise you, you get put through the washer and come out with years of experience in the matter of weeks.

I will be honest, it’s not shiny or comfy. We sleep on couches, we sleep in hostels, share beds, lose money, catch trains, red eye flights, ubers, over night buses and walk miles upon miles upon miles.

The goal is to grow and the journey is the story. That’s where the magic happens.

This is not for everyone. Its chaos. You are consistently out of your comfort zone and you don’t know when that will happen. You have absolutely no idea. I have gone from sleeping in an airport to a skrillex pool party in literally one day. From relaxing in wine country one day to skimming along a sun-dancing desert the next.

Like life, this is unpredictable but fuck me Its thrilling.

You have to be durable. Durable like Rory.

Rory owns a gym back in Canberra, Australia called Dream Physique. Even though I went to college with Rory’s sister, I only had the pleasure of really meeting Rory a few months ago.

Rory is a guy that is hard not to like. Someone who didn’t dominate school but after a number of wake up calls, is now dominating life.

He grew up in a broken home. Not just split parents, I mean really broken. If it were not for the unwavering love of his mother and sister I wouldn’t be telling you his story. He is an example that the everyday hero can be exactly that – a hero.

From juvenile convictions and time spent behind bars and early exposure to abuse on more levels than one. We all know that it is easy to play under your potential. It is easy to hate and live in fear. It takes absolutely no emotional intelligence at all to do any of that.

What does take emotional intelligence is the ability to learn from one’s own experience and awareness. The ability to look at your mistakes, own them and come clean.

Rory strength cannot be replicated by going to the gym. It has not been built simply from lifting barbells. His strength is both his character and his heart. His hunger for you to get better. His strength is something that no one else can touch. They can’t even see it. it can only be felt. Rory is untouchable because he knows his future is far more important than his past.

He has gone from a college drop out to training with the best in the world. He is humble as fuck and has my time of day, any day.

He is more than a gym owner. Since taking action to turn his direction around he has written a book, opened a successful gym and is in the process of building ‘Active Influence’ which is his personal brand dedicated to building a positive influence for the next generation.

Sure, he can’t co-pilot a car or say San Jose correctly but he is as loyal as a family dog and has big things coming. Just as long as he continues down the path he is on.

The reason why it is so important to understand Rory’s story is because of this; we all have justifications why we can’t do something. Why we are who we are. And you can continue to run this story and in turn, let this story run you. Or you can choose to change the script. Its fucking tiring re-reading the same chapter of your life to everyone for 60 years. Rory decided to start writing the next chapter and with a blank bit of paper and a new pen he courageously decided to change. He decided that maybe, just maybe there is something better out there for him and every day since then he has gone about finding out.

I am not afraid to say that Rory is a hero of mine. Not just because it sounds nice but because of who he is becoming.

He’s not there, yet. That doesn’t make him any less of a hero for the amount of lives he is going to pull from the grips of abuse through his story and authenticity.

Rory is a hero. He is a hero to thousands of kids he hasn’t even met yet.

Rory is; Will Dynamite.

Rory Bourke @ IG: rory.activeinfluence / SnapChat: roryb91 / FB: Click here

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Dave Nixon