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Connected Coaching is a theory based seminar that offers horizontal and vertical models to understanding human interaction and potential.

As trainers and coaches, it is not the client or the athletes job to adapt their learning style to our coaching style, it is our job to adapt our coaching style to their learning style.

In the gym (and in life) we live in a world with a crazy amount of varying personalities, stresses, verbal and non-verbal communication and as coaches, it is our responsibility to learn how to meet people where they are and help take them to where they could be.

In the Connected Coaching seminar you will learn how to:

  • Identify different learning styles in a gym setting
  • Learn your Enneagram type (across 9 types)
  • Identify co-dependent patterns
  • The 5 major mental programs stopping us reaching our potential
  • Learn and implement the 15 coaching commandments

This seminar is specifically designed for Personal Trainers and Coaches who are interested in levelling up their coaching skills and are open to a new toolkit of communication that 99% of the industry isn't even aware of.


What will I get out of attending this seminar?

The most important trait of a good coach is behavioural adaptability. Attending this seminar will you leave with a new level of understanding and leadership by implementing learnings such as identifying personality types and archetypes, understanding the 6 human needs and implementing the 15 coaching commandments into your coaching and business straight away.


Will we be going through a training session?

No physically demanding components in the seminar.

The connected coaching seminar is a theory based seminar with some practical workshop components. Come dressed in what you feel comfortable moving around.


I am not a trainer but I am interested, will I still get something from this?

Absolutely. We have had many clients and athletes attend in the past and get a lot out of it to apply to their life and training.


I have more questions, who can I ask?

You can email any further questions to


Ok, I am in, where do I sign up?

Please refer to the upcoming seminar dates on this page.