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The Next Level -
3 Day Intensive


THM Internship is an intimate 3 day intensive where we get to hone in and work on your personal growth and development in the fitness industry.

The reality is if you are experiencing a road block in business or the next stage of your development as a trainer then that road block is you. We don’t have problems in business, we have personal issues that reflect in our business.

The only way that you can breakthrough that roadblock is to up-level yourself.

Once you have gone through and learnt what this course offers, you will never coach the same again.

During the next level you will cover:

  • Integral theory and its application to coaching and personal development
  • Time management quadrants for prioritising tasks and optimising productivity
  • Health IQ and how to build a health map for an individual or fitness facility
  • How to set goals that work and prioritise what is most meaningful
  • Understanding archetypes and their role in our personal conduct
  • Spiral dynamics and how to level up towards your potential
  • The 6 human needs for personal connection and success
  • Identifying language patterns that keep us playing small
  • Understanding body language for success and influence

How long does each day run for?

Each day will vary depending on the gyms availability. Please check in with the event you wish to attend.

Should I expect to train?

There will be opportunities to train and we are most likely to go through some physical/technical components within the subjects themselves. You are also welcome to train either side of the class hours.

I can’t afford it upfront, can I pay it off?

Yes, you can. You will however forego any sales or discounts. You are able to pay over 2 or 3 agreed upon instalments. We just need your first payment to secure your spot as this is limited to a certain number of people at a time. We want to make this accessible for anyone who is genuinely keen to get it and learn.

I have another question about the internship, who can I contact?

Please contact Dave at with any other questions you may have and we can either answer them over email or organise a phone call.

Ok, I am in, where do I sign up?

Please refer to the upcoming seminar dates on this page.