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The Next Level - 3 day intensive

Investment: $797 (Early bird $697 until the 5th of May)

Limited to 5 spots 

Dates: 18th - 20th of May 2018

Time: 9am-5pm

Location: Functional Fitness Australia, Mitchell ACT


How often do you get the opportunity to step out of your own gym and world to work on up levelling yourself and your business?

The truth is, as leaders, we need constant coaching and training. We need to step out of our comfort zone and be around like minded people to then step back into our world and improve it.

Our employees and clients stop growing when we do.

This 3 day intensive internship steps you into our gym, Functional Fitness Australia to develop you as a coach and individual.

Secure your spot now!

What is it?

THM Internship is an intimate 3 day intensive where we get to hone in and work on your personal growth and development in the fitness industry.

The reality is if you are experiencing a road block in business or the next stage of your development as a trainer then that road block is you. The only way that you can breakthrough that roadblock is to up-level yourself.

I don’t have a gym or a business, Is this still for me?  

If you are a PT in the fitness industry then yes, it certainly is. We will be developing the areas where each person needs to personally work on to become a better and more educated influence in the industry.

What is covered over the 3 days?

Day 1 – Friday the 20th of April

Connected Coaching:

  • The 15 coaching commandments
  • Identifying learning styles and effective communication strategies
  • The 6 human needs and application to coaching
  • The 4 archetypes you must master to level up
  • How to level up the Spiral of Consciousness
  • What mental programs get in the way of our potential 

Day 2 – Saturday the 21st of April

The life athlete:

  • How to have longevity in clients training using the ‘Safe, Strong, Sexy’ system.
  • How and why to run small group classes to maximise culture
  • Effective programming for small groups 
  • Life athlete programming – Individual programming
  • Looking at the athlete differently

Day 3 – Sunday the 22nd of April

Shifting from the fitness industry into the people industry:

  • The “how” and “why” to move from being an exercise business to an educational business
  • How to deliver seminars and educational content to your clients
  • Clearly define your “why” and build a brand that is intertwined with it
  • Build your own educational program to implement in your business to increase revenue, create an edge in the industry and improve retention.
  • How to project your online content and improve your content skills.
  • Which forms of social media and content is the best for your brand
  • Develop personal and authentic presentation and influential skills
  • What does the next 12 months ideally look like?
  • Personal 6 month blueprint for personal growth and development

Secure your spot now!

How long does each day run for?

Each day runs from 9-5 not including training.

Should I expect to train?

There will be opportunities to train and we are most likely to go through some physical/technical components within the subjects themselves. You are also welcome to train either side of the intern hours.

Can I sit in on any classes that FFA runs?

Absolutely. We run sessions each morning and evening where we will have extra curriculum activities available for those who want to observe sessions running. These must be agree to with Dave beforehand.

I can’t afford it upfront, can I pay it off?

Yes, you can. You will however forego any sales or discounts. You are able to pay over 2 or 3 agreed upon installments. We just need your first payment to secure your spot as this is limited to a certain number of people at a time and want only serious open minded people involved

I have another question about the internship, who can I contact?

Please contact Dave at with any other questions you may have and we can either answer them over email or organise a phone call.

How do I reserve my spot?

Click here to go to the sign up page and complete the registration form or please email if you would like to reserve your spot and pay the initial deposit.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Dave Nixon